Gloria Maris

Discover amazing tastes. Indulge in the authentic flavors. Experience Authentic Chinese cuisine right here at gloria Maris Banquet Hall in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center. Gloria Maris offers the taste of real Chinese cuisine using only the finest ingredients. We invite you to gloria Maris Banquet Hall for your events and functions. We have available function and event rooms that can cater to any of your needs. With its location in the heart of Gateway Mall at the Araneta Center, hotel ambiance and big seating capacity, it is truly an ideal events place for all gatherings, be it corporate affairs, parties or private get togethers.

Amenities / Services:
• Venue use
• Complete Table Setup
• Floral Centerpiece
• Elevated Platform
• Menu Sampling
• LED Widescreen
• Basic PA System
• Flowing Coffee

Imperial Room (200-350 capacity)


Pearl Hall (100-150 capacity)

pearl2 pearl1


Jade Hall (50-70 capacity)

jade2 jade1


Lotus Hall (20-40 capacity)

lotus2 lotus1


Gloria Maris Banquet Hall – Gateway would like to make your experience with us memorable and convenient. Booking your event is easy breezy, just follow this 5 simple steps. Save the date:

1.) Contact us and tell us the event/occasion you would like us to cater for you and the number of guests that are expected to arrive.

2.) Choose your preferred amenities.

3.) Choose from the wide array of dishes on the create your own food combinations or you can choose from the existing packages.

4.) Ask for the preferred Package rate.

5.) Give us the go signal for your event/occasion and we’ll do the rest while you sit back and relax.

*Gloria Maris Banquet Hall, Gatewall Mall is open to create packages to suit your requirements and budget.


Create your own Package Set

Choose from the following to Create your combinations for your preferred package.

Lunch or Dinner (8hrs venue use w/ Amenities)

  • Soup
  • Appetizer
  • Noodles
  • Rice
  • Protein (Pork/Beef/Chicken/Fish)
  • Vegetable
  • Dessert
  • Drink

Lunch or Dinner (8hrs venue use w/ Amenities)

  • Appetizer
  • Rice
  • Protein (Pork/Beef/Chicken/Fish)
  • Vegetable
  • Dessert
  • Drink

Choose one from each category

• crabmeat corn soup
• chicken corn soup
• seafood beancurd soup
• pumpkin seafood soup

• mango seafood roll
• fried squid rings
• shanghai rolls
• vegetable spring rolls

• seafood sotanghon guisado
• pancit canton guisado
• efu noodle
• fookien misua

• yang chow fired rice
• garlic rice
• plain rice
• salted fish fried rice

• sweet and sour pork
• fried spareribs salt and pepper
• tong po pork
• lechon macao

• beef tenderloin chinese style
• curry beef brisket
• black pepper beef
• beef with oyster sauce

• gloria maris fried chicken
• fried chicken in lemon sauce
• fried chicken in beancurd sauce
• chicken curry

• steamed fish fillet soy sauce with garlic
• fried fish fillet w/ beancurd in tausi sauce
• sweet and sour fish fillet
• curry fish fillet

• eggplant with minced pork
• ampalaya tausi with beef
• broccoli and asparagus
• runner beans minced pork
• sauteed mixed vegetables

• almond lychee
• buchi
• black gulaman

• iced tea
• soda

Get the Breakfast/Merienda set for an additional P250 only (per head), when you avail of wither the Platter or Full Meal Package set (4hrs venue us with coffee)

Pancit with Dimsum
• birthday noodles
• efu noodles
• fookien noodles
• beancurd roll
• fried spring roll
• japanese siomai
• sharksfin siomai
• sharksfin dumpling

Pancit with Big Siopao
• pork asado siopao
• jumbo pao
• fried asado siopao
• efu noodles
• fookien noodles

Noodle Soup
• wanton noodle soup
• white chicken noodle soup
• soy chicken noodle soup

• gloriamaris special congee
• fish fillet congee
• pork tito and liver congee
• chicken congee
• meatball congee