Gloria Maris

duckWhen speaking of authentic and scrumptious Chinese cuisine, Gloriamaris stands out among the rest. Not only does it offer the usual dishes people love, but it also keeps introducing new and exciting additions to its regular fare. It even features some delectable specials to make holidays and events truly memorable. Simply because it’s Gloriamaris.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a dining experience at Gloriamaris you will surely fall in love with. Its famous Peking Duck One-Way Skinning Wrapped in Momo Wrapper with Onion Leeks is always a winner! Enjoy it by simply slicing the Peking duck skin thinly with some meat, and wrapping them with onion leeks in momo wrapper. A fun and satisfying “wrap-eat” experience with the whole family you just got to have.

hainanesFor the health-conscious individuals, the Gloriamaris Hainanese Chicken is a must-try. You don’t need to go to Singapore to savor this nutritious and tasty Hongkong chicken boiled, marinated and prepared the Hainanese way. You can enjoy it right here where it’s served the best! Order it separately or in a set with Hainan rice and soup, and tickle your taste buds with its flavors while staying fit and healthy. The delightful Patatim with Mantao is something to look forward to.

This is meat taken from the pig’s front leg which is cooked until perfectly tender, then flavored with traditional Chinese herbs and spices and glazed with Taiwan pechay, black mushroom and carrots.

patatimEnjoy the mantao by filling it with the mouth-watering Patatim, or by simply dipping it in its thick savory sauce.

There’s so much more to enjoy at Gloriamaris. Come and dine in one of its branches today:

Eastwood mall, Gateway mall, Alabang town center, Iloilo city and Dagupan CSI mall

Here’s to a pleasurable and satisfying dining experience. Simply because it’s Gloriamaris.